Life is a wonderful thing. Someone gets life in different ways. A soul comes to life as a human or an animal. According to various religious philosophies in the world, those scribes have different views on life.

However, since the development of human thought after prehistoric times as the most valuable asset of human life, various theories have arisen that it is very difficult to attain this life. It is essential that we work to make life meaningful, which is so limited This is because we cannot say whether we will have a human life after this.

How does this life make sense?

Man has been chasing goals since childhood. Those goals can be both positive and negative. Under the guidance of parents, we are motivated to pursue primary education, secondary education, and higher education as children.

But this system of education is systematically happening in many countries around the world as wisama kari. Think about it. Did all your friends who went to elementary school with you finish higher education with you? In my experience, not everyone who enters elementary education ends their higher education with higher education.

What happens to those who drop out of school along the way? Most of them engage in some positive activities. But the majority engage in illegal, violent, and pessimistic activities. So do you think they missed life? Yes, of course, they missed life.

Do you know about the three things in life?

As the three things in life

* your health

* your mission

* the people you love

Can be introduced.

If you want to enjoy life, you have to take care of your health. Health means balancing not only physical health but also physical, mental, and spiritual health. A person’s mind is not healthy and only the body is healthy. It does not create the background for him to lead a happy life. It is also essential to develop his mental health

It is also important that we focus on our mission. We live by the missions and visions around us that inspire us Achieving goals and goals leads to a successful life. We are always perfect by moving from goal to goal.

On the other hand, our lives are successful because of the positive people we love and the optimistic people who love us. If parents, siblings, and siblings stay with us, making arrangements for our lives to be successful, and if we are to be very careful in finding a partner for our lives, the sar will set the stage for a successful life.

The lover must be careful to match his or her own ideas with those of the lover as well as whether he or she will correct them when he or she is at fault. In this way, by working with a clear understanding and choosing a life partner, we can achieve success in life.

At certain times in life, we ​​have to face certain obstacles. We have to be able to break through the barriers and move towards success in life. Man is perfect only when he overcomes obstacles and leads to success. At some point, we may even face situations where we have no desire for life in the face of our failure. In such a case, we must do our utmost to understand the circumstances that led to our failure and to do our utmost to regain success.

Even if at some point we act without purpose, we can achieve the success that we missed by learning to act with purpose and following a plan. Steve Jobs, the founder of the world-famous Apple company, also rose to the top of the business world by trying to succeed through failure. At the time of his death, he said that he had achieved success in life because he had worked hard

Thomas Alva Edson, the inventor of the light bulb we have known since childhood, is a man who has failed a thousand times. But if he had given up his attempt in the face of failure, the world would still be in darkness today. Never think of yourself as a loser just because you failed once.

Success in life is always achieved through the right things. Hitler, who is considered to be the man who caused the world war that we all know well, also revealed in his diaries that no matter how cruel a ruler he was, his success remained in that brutality. Hitler’s attempt to conquer a world obedient to him by always making the right decisions and following the same plan for the same goal is also an unspoken moment when discussing success in life.

Also, scholars from all over the world have studied their philosophies in the face of success and failure. Jesus Christ was able to socialize His vision even when the Jews were working against His vision. Also in the Buddhist philosophy, the Supreme Buddha went ahead in the face of many obstacles, socialized his philosophy, and worked to bring Nirvana to all Buddhists around the world, revealing his success to all.

All biographies like this give us an understanding of how to work towards making our lives successful. In addition to all this, building a positive attitude towards life is an essential part of success. There is no such thing as a positive outlook on life, as pessimistic ideas always fill our lives. I can not do that. I do not know what to do with it. In order to heal our minds, we must always have positive attitudes in ourselves. At the beginning of the day, we need to start our thoughts in a good way. Good thoughts heal

our minds as well as become a reason to keep those around us happy. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, brothers and sisters, all of us around us are rocked and our good lifestyle becomes a reason to give them the opportunity to live their lives happily. Finally, I have to tell you about life

” life is full of surprises

Not all these surprises are pleasant so you heed to be ready for what life brings you”

And it takes courage to be the author of your life.


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