What is a heterogeneous society?

In sociology, “heterogeneous” may see a society or group that characteristic individual of differing ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, sexes, or ages. Lots of countries includes a heterogeneous society, with diverse cultures, people and traditions intertwined in a very solitary strand. respects and honors diversity and holds freedom of faith mutually of our highest merits.


Meaning “race” or “type, class.” within the globalization debate the term “heterogeneity” is usually wont to describe a high quality of cultural diversity, mostly as antidote of the cultural convergence-thesis, which proposes an increasing homogenization of culture through globalization.

This is the foremost exciting a part of having a heterogeneous society instead of a homogeneous society. we must always celebrate these collisions, not fear them. it would be difficult occasionally to possess another culture challenge your cultural norms and assumptions, but it’s rarely harmful. From challenge comes growth.

Society is not static but a dynamic phenomenon. At first glance, society is a collection of individuals. One cannot talk about a society without the individual. But the coming together of individuals is not a hallmark of society. A society can be seen as a combination of relationships that are built in a certain way between people who are together. The first is the ability to survive in harmony with the environment. Meanwhile, the ability to procure food plays an important role. The second is the reproductive tract.

A reproductive process is required in introducing members to a society. There, marriage, and family are important, and the potential for protection of spouses and children can be underlined. Third, the factor of culture can be identified. Culture is needed because people need a system of dharma that is a pattern of behavior that should be passed down from generation to generation.


Political independence is another factor. This refers to the authoritarian power that exists over a specific territory in which people live together. Looking at these basics, which are important for building a society, it appears that society can be seen as a collection of developing social relationships between individuals.

It seems that society is easier to understand through this study of social relationships. When people focus on what is meant by social interaction, they are concerned with the behavior patterns of others around them.

That is, interpersonal relationships can be identified through two factors making individual decisions about one’s actions. Collaborate and implement those decisions with others. If one decides for oneself, it is an individual action and through the participation of others, that action becomes a social activity.


Sociologists acknowledge that there is a pattern to these social relationships that develop within individuals. The common patterns of behavior that have developed through socialization can be seen in societies. These behaviors do not change and remain in society for a long time. The person has different positions and roles in society.

The same person plays different roles at different times. In the family, a father acts as a husband, a son as a brother, and in society, they act in various roles such as a friend or a relative. The status of the individual in society can be identified as the charged state. The charged condition is inherited by the person at birth and cannot be changed at will.


Accurate status is achieved by the individual himself. Education, wealth, power, employment, etc. The issues of coexistence and coexistence in any society also function through the division of labor or division of labor. For example, in the family, the husband may examine how the division of labor between the wife and the children works. The wife often takes care of the children and prepares the food, while the husband provides the food and drink, the firewood, and the security. The unity or coexistence of the sharing of labor is based on the general acceptance of the do and don’ts of the work of the individual.

The people who live around us are a part of people who live in harmony with different cultures and religions. They treat each other according to their religion and culture. Under no circumstances can we insult another culture or religion. We all need to work to respect everyone in society. People in society are different according to religion as well as different professions.


We must respect the socially accepted jobs of teachers, doctors, police officers as well as garbage collectors because they also do a great service to this world. Most people are accustomed to addressing well-dressed people as gentlemen and women, and to speaking contemptuously of the small staff who work to keep the country and the world clean. Many facts have been revealed in the society about the Inhumans living in Mahathma.To function well as a society, we must be accustomed to giving the right place to the right person. Those who should be respected. Those who must sacrifice must sacrifice.

Their parents should always take care of their siblings. In the face of busyness, it is essential to re-develop lost parent-child relationships. In many cases, topics such as violence against women arise due to the prevalence of people in society who do not have interpersonal relationships. We need to develop self-discipline within ourselves. Then we too will have the opportunity to live as disciplined and useful citizens of the society without burdening the country and the world.

This discourse can be taken in several different ways when talking about discipline and discipline. Discipline and discipline are essential for all work, from driving on the road to all jobs. The Indian philosopher Mahatma Gandhi has once said that discipline does not do any good to society


A person who acts with good discipline and discipline develops a personality that is unique to him in society. It will benefit him as well as the way he works for society. Society is very helpful to the individual to lead a life of success through interpersonal relationships with mutual understanding. We can build our success by understanding and adapting to the heterogeneity of society.

At some point, you may face criticism from other members of society for your problems. How should you deal with such a situation? Have you thought about this before today? The person is not allowed to live alone or travel alone

It is in society that a person succeeds as well as initiates a sustainable journey. Citizens and society were bound as man and oxygen. Just as an organism needs oxygen to breathe, society is essential for a person to succeed in life.


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