Love is an unadulterated emotion. It’s impossible to forget what you’ve felt. The more we acquire, the more we desire. People seek it their entire lives, yet they seldom find it. It’s been said that it’s what makes us feel alive without it, a newborn would die and an adult would become emotionally distorted.

We all seek love for a reason perhaps because it is necessary for our general well-being and pleasure. We all want to be happy and the lives of many great men and women teach us that being happy is the most important achievement in life. True and lasting happiness is found in what we keep within our emotions and sentiments.

We meet in difficult forms of love, they are the love of parents, the love of friends, the love of animals, the love of lovers, etc.; Love is just one feeling from different people we need love to make life beautiful and happy. At some point in our lives, there will be setbacks break downs, and frustrations. All times like these, we get bored of our lives. Because of the love you receive from your loved one, you can get rid of those sad moments and achieve happiness.

We are human beings, who cannot live alone. We are created to be able to move on with life without the love of another one. We need love to share the joys of our lives. We accept love at any point on our lives are bound up with love. Our heart is always happy when we receive the things we like from a loved one. We love and speak kind words to us. When we don’t have love, we feel sad and think we can do nothing. Love helps us to be happy.

But what happens if the love you receive from loved one’s dimensions to some extent? We feel like we lost our lives. We have no joy if the loved ones, we love to die. We will be very sad, when our loved ones leave us, we feel anger, rage, and jealousy. We also feel sad when loved ones do not give us the love we need. Also when we receive more love from loved ones than we need, it becomes a nuisance. Sometimes it can be a headache. As the love we receive from loved one’s increases, they influence us and make rules. Then we lose our happiness and our love for them.

Love is something we need love is essential for us to get rid of our loneliness and anxiety at various times in our gives us a lot of pleasure .but love for us causes our sorrow. our happiness does not depend on love alone. Love is the only way to be happy. We can do many things be happy. Our lives do not depend on love. We gain self-satisfaction as we progress through our abilities and talents. If we get any pleasure from love it is temporary.

But the joy that comes from looking at the achievement that comes from our talents and abilities is permanent. we must choose what suits us to enjoy life. While love can make us happy it will be the main cause of genuine happiness. Happiness is more about your fulfilling your dreams and finding your purpose. Love is maybe can also bring negative uncertainties, mismatched tastes, and unfulfilled promises. If your core is about your happiness, you must accept the truth that love does not always bring happiness. Happiness on the other hand will have an impact on your love life.


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