A sexual relationship between a man & woman before marriage is unethical. Because it leads to a number of problems in future life. Love & sex are two different things. However, the very different opinions in the society about how they connect. They assume that if sex is present then love is as well. This can lead down some very rough roads. Some believe that easily have one without any lasting effects. However, there are many reasons why love and sex go together.


As proof, one cannot prove that sexual relationship in the end. It led to marriage in the future. If a partner is in search of a temporary relationship, the other partner is forced to face the consequences. If one considers that marriage is unethical. If one is not pure and one cannot blame others.

In underdeveloped society laws and regulations related to marriage may be strict. In this situation sexual relationship between two partners before marriage is unethical. Within this concept of developed societies, sexual relationship is considered the best way for the partners to know each other in a different way. One can in a love affair without sex, because it doesn’t fall force him or her to feel regret.


Virginity is important to men or women; one can see that virginity is important to men and women because they are equal. If one considered that virginity is important to women one is trying to devalue the status of womenfolk. Especially marriage is an agreement between equal partners and virginity is applicable to both partners virginity. He must realize the fact that the same is applicable to him also.

Love and sex may not be synonymous perhaps it is also true that love without sex doesn’t create a strong bond as sexual love. Sex in a relationship makes you get lost, feel free with & open to each other, share freely with each other. It creates a bond of love and affection between you and your partner. It depends on your connection with your partner. Sex in a relationship is used to express so many things physically and emotionally.


There are so many health benefits of having sex in a relationship.

  • This includes stress release, boosting of immune system. It helps burn calories which is very good for weight loss.
  • It also helps improve heart health and for stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Having sex in a relationship is very vital to keep the relationship going and interesting for you to be happy in your relationship. It is important to be having regular & quality sex in your relationship.

Sex is binding with love. It could be an opportunity to bond with your partner. It could be an opportunity to show your partners love & affection you might feel more secure in your relationship. If you’re having sex often in your relationship, it could simply be pleasure & fun.


No matter how hard society tries to remove love from the sexual experience, it is impossible to do. Love & sex care are connected. You can have sex without being in love, but it doesn’t lead to any positive long-term situations. If you are in a long-term romantic relationship, eventually sex comes into play.

Love makes sex more fulfilling, when love is present, the sexual experience is better and more fulfilling. When love is present, trust is also present. Trust adds a certain level of comfort to the relationship including in sex. This connection also means that you can be more open during the sexual experience. You can easily share the things that you like & what you don’t like. You won’t be afraid to ask the things that you want.

Sex is more meaningful with love; the sexual design is one way to show love to another person. You can have sex without love being present but then sex is just sex. There is nothing more to it.


People have sex for many reasons, such as for releasing their tensions or just for pleasure. Having sex doesn’t mean that you are actually in love. You need to understand that love & sex are two different things. They may be inter-related to having a better relationship. But love is the most element required for the liveliness of the relationship.

In conclusion, I would like to say that love& sex are two interconnected concepts. However human beings can’t be happy without either of them. Thus, sex is also a kind of human activity. But it is not fair to say that sex out of marriage gives the same satisfaction as the sex in marriage life.



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