10 social skills to teach your child.
Children are like as flowers. They are future of the world. According to these skills, children can learn how to spend more successful lives. Also this skills help to better education, jobs and overall quality of life. From an early age, children need to be taught to live better lives as adults.

It is also important to teach them the skills they need to be better people in general. We hope that by teaching these skills to children, they will become kind adults.

  1. How to stand up for themselves and others.
    Children need to be taught how to stand up for themselves and others in society. One way is to provide a secure a safety buddy. Another way is to teach them to stop spreading rumours. And children should also be taught to stop name calling. Teach new or isolated students to reach out and be friend with them.

  1. Resolving disagreements amicably.
    Conflicts can arise even between best friends. There we have to prepare the children for handling those conflicts. We must prepare children to identify the source of the conflict and find peaceful solutions.
  1. Responsibility and care.
    Responsibility is a broad term. For example, putting away toys, helping with house chores and talking about pets. We also need to teach children to do only some of their tasks. It is responsibility, and it is the key to success in a child’s school and life.

04. How to work with others. You can teach your child how to play well with others.

Then it helps to be a good team player and work well with others in adult life. The importance here is to help the child develop social skills such as learning to work as part of a team, respect, compromise, patience, communication and empathy. It also helps to build trust and confidence between them and others. It will also build a better future for them.

  1. Apologising and forgiveness
    It is not enough to just teach our children to say “I’m sorry”.
    We need to make sure they understand why they are apologising. They are responsible for their actions. We must our children that forgiveness is important and should be done regularly.

6. How to listen and be empathetic.

Being a good listener is a good example for your child. Treating with them respect and being interested in what they have to say makes them a good listener. You need to give your children opportunities to show empathy. This will allow them to quickly understand and show it to others.

7.How to deal with overwhelming emotions.
It’s a common thing for young kids to not be able to handling overwhelming emotions. We need to take the time to notice and label thier emotions. We must make sure that our behaviour sets an example for children.

  1. To accept disappointment.
    Children can become frustrated very quickly. Whatever it is there, they need to learn how to deal with it. We need to let them know that despair is a part of life. But it is also important to trust them, not to downplay them.

9. Optimism and self love
Showing children the positive side of things and appreciating their efforts are essential things. Self love is another thing you want your kids to have. Teach them to believe in themselves and praise team.

  1. Time management.
    Children can be taught time management by making sure they learn to fall asleep and wake up. You could also create a calender for them, where they can plan their weekly activities and duties. We need to teach children that meals should be served on time and that the whole family should eat together.


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